Stormy Monday Show ~ Jazz, Blues and Soul

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Juanita Dixon and Sybil Gage
It's been a bit since we had a show, but it's been a busy month for me and with the holidays and such we've lost a few weeks.

But that's the great thing about music, with a little age it just gets better and better.

Tonight I chatted with  Bluuze Mama Juanita Dixon.  She is a sensational entertainer, that certainly livened up my night when I met her at Heidi's Jazz Club.  This blend of Jazz and Hot Blues is unforgettable. Dixon has toured Europe with her music and Ft. Lauderdale is very lucky to have her as a resident. Enjoy the interview and I will see you in the nightlife on the next Stormy Monday Show. 

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Stormy Monday Show ~ Jazz, Blues & Soul 10-23-10

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The Stormy Monday Show was in full jazz mode tonight; we were instantly romanced by James Moody's " Moody's Mood For Love"; Al Jarreau brought us the much needed "Cold Duck" Time; and,  Art Tatum serenaded us with his beautiful piano on Moonglow. Even James Brown kept it jazzed with “That’s My Desire". 

I was so happy to share Comme Ci Comme Ca from Dr. Michael White's CD Blue Crescent with you. It was his first effort after the Katrina disaster and is filled with nice, upbeat tunes, and few somber tracks. And of course there was more, there always is on The Stormy Monday Show. Listen in on it and find out for yourself.


Garnet Mimms

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It's easy to assume that when a musical sensation suddenly bursts on the scene that they are going to be an instant success.  After all you never head of them and yet, the next day, there they are. 

Garnet Mimms became an “instant success” after many years of musical obscurity. Raised in Philadelphia, his first influences came from the church.  He performed with many gospel groups while still in his teens and cut his first single in 1953. Eventually he switched to R&B/ doo- wop and had varying degrees of borderline success with a few record labels. 

Magic finally happened for Garnet when he moved to NYC in 1963 and met with the killer songwriting team of Jerry Ragovoy and Burt Burns, who signed Mimms' group to the United Artists label.

Success came fast after the release of "Cry Baby" with Garnet Mimms and the Enchanters, but ‘Baby Don't you Weep' and 'For Your Precious Love’, set the arrival of Garnet Mimms in stone.

Garnet put out other very good tunes and was often compared to Sam Cooke, but his records were not as well appreciated by the public.  By 1967 Mimm's career was waning. In the 80's he turned to Christian music and started a prison ministry.

Garnet Mimms, born Garret Mimms (now Reverend Mimms) was born in 1933. He is still producing Christian music. His last CD was released to good reviews in 2008, titled “Is Anybody Out There"?

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